A powerful discovery tool used in a variety of ways...

Use of Video for Settlement:

Creating settlement presentations containing snippets from video depositions communicates your case far more effectively than a written document.


Use of Video in Opening Statements:

Capture the jury’s attention right out of the gate using a dramatic video clip


Use of Video at Trial for Impeachment:

Once you have set the proper foundation, made sure the jury understands the importance of the testimony, and locked the witness into an answer, it’s time for the video impeachment clip


Use of Video in Case Preparation:

Spending hours discussing the witness? Just give your expert or client access to the video. There is no better way to educate them than letting them see and hear the witness in action


Legal Depositions are essential to the litigation process.

Reveal reluctant or evasive witness behavior and transcend life expectancy of witnesses.


Duplication and Encoding

Hone in on crucial and/or impeaching testimony, edited and formatted to fit your specific needs.

Availible Formats: MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4



Present the transcript text with the video clip

Electronically manage key segments of testimony.

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Filming The Deposition

By using our state of the art audio and HD video equipment, Our Certified Video Deposition Specialist can film your next deposition at any location you need. The equipment is compact and unobtrusive and takes minuets to install and remove.


Editing / Duplication

By having our post production staff edit  just the parts of your video deposition you need for trial, you can access key testimony instantly.



In conjunction with the court reporters text file, Legal Xpress can sync the audio portion of your video deposition to the written transcript. The text will be placed on the bottom portion of the screen when viewed.


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